Um, Ok Beyonce, Now Im Confused

So this is the Beyonce I remember:

And this is what she looks like these days:

Now this maybe old news, but I am a bit confused. About a month or so ago I did a post on my old blog about Beyonce doing a mag cover in black face. Now she is light, bright and damn near white. So B, what gives?

As a dark skinned sister, it goes without saying how offensive it is to see a beautiful black woman lighting her skin, if that is indeed what she is doing. Talk started back when she was doing the L’Oreal commercials and people noticed she was a bit lighter and people believed it was L’Oreal’s doing. But after more photos have surfaced…idk. Wonder what J has to say about this.

Now, truth be told, Beyonce can do what she wants, and we know she has the money to do so. But you cant ignore photos like these. Idk, maybe its the camera light.

What do you think? Is Beyonce going Sammy Sosa on us?


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