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OMG!!! Finally I have a new blog! I am excited because I have been saying for the longest that I will be doing a brand new blog and at the last minute changed my mind. This time felt right. I have been blogging for about a year now and I am also a writer for Chic Galleria and Examiner. My blogs have always been to someone else’s liking. I think what I was doing was blogging with the thought this is how you are to blog. In other words, you shouldnt have this page on this kind of blog. Well NOT anymore. I know alot of fashion bloggers also have beauty pages but I am NOT a make-up kinda of girl. Lip gloss and nail polish. I blog for OPI so you will see a lot of that brand on here.

Other things to expect, celeb gossip and news, fashion news, music, movies and television show news. All journal style. Pretty much my thoughts and opinions. I also do reviews, which means I get samples of products, read the disclosure policy if needed, I will ALWAYS give a 100% honest opinion about a product. I am a person who recommends products I swear by, so if I dont believe in a product I wont recommend so I will not lie.

I hope you all enjoy the new blog. I will do my best and work hard on keeping it up to date, especially since I am taking the summer off, I will have more time to blog. There will be posts from my other blogs that I will be bringing over as well.


B. Marie


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