Lamar Odom Involved In Car Accident ***UPDATE***

Lamar Odom was involved in a car accident Thursday night while en route to his cousin’s funeral in New York.

Lamar was riding in the back seat of a car service when the car struck a motorcyclist, he was rushed to a nearby hospital. A 15 year old pedestrian was also injured and rushed to a hospital.

Lamar was not injured in the accident and Khloe was not with him at the time, and later tweeted “Angels are surrounding me always/Thank you” upon receiving word that her husband was ok.


The 15 year old boy who was also involved in this accident has died.  His family confirmed to TMZ. As stated above, Lamar was riding in the back seat of a hired car service when the driver struck a motorcyclist in which the motorcycle propelled into the young boy. The family told TMZ that he had sustained major head injuries. Emergency surgery was performed, but he died the following day. A funeral was held for the boy today. Sources close to Lamar tell TMZ that he is “devastated” by the tragedy.


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