Cassadee Pope and Sony Music Gets Sued!

Cassadee Pope, lead singer of the group Monday, is being sued along with Sony Music in the tune of $50 Million! Apparently Cassadee breached contract with husband and wife promo team Dominick and Tammy Centri who own Driven Productions. The couple found out that they were being cut out of the equation after Cassadee become too “Hollywood” and dumped them for Sony Music all while still under contract with Driven.  Her song “Candles” had been covered on “Glee”and had became a hit.

“Not only did we not collect our percentage but we also spent a lot of money developing her career,” Centi has been quoted as saying in a recent interview with a Florida newspaper. “She was singing karaoke covers when we discovered her.”

The Centri’s discovered, worked with and nurtured Cassadee from 2002-2007, bring her to the top and introducing her to Sony! Wow talk about a kick in the head.

Can we say a bit ungrateful. I dont know if $50 mil is a lot to Sony, but $50 mil is $50 mil. I bet their sorry for that one!


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